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Powering Cape Cod

Homeowners & business owners of Cape Cod & Southeastern Massachusetts trust stand-by generators to keep the lights on. Install now for security, peace-of-mind, home value, and independence. Set up an initial visit, book installation, and opt for ongoing service. Choose Cape Cod Independent Power for reliable installation, maintenance, repair, and service of your generator.

Service Areas

  • Barnstable
  • Bourne
  • Brewster
  • Chatham
  • Dennis
  • Eastham
  • Falmouth
  • Harwich
  • Mashpee
  • Orleans
  • Provincetown
  • Sandwich
  • Truro
  • Yarmouth
  • Wellfleet

Multiple models of generators

There are lots of models of generators, we can help you find your generator that fits your needs.

1x or 2x Service visits per year

Our service packages are tailored to work around your needs and your home/business. Let us take care of your generator so you don't need to worry!

Home & Business

Big or small, we can handle all jobs for generator needs. Reach out with some ideas or specs on your project and we will gladly give you a consultation.

Emergency repair

In the middle of a storm or in the middle of the night. We know when you truly need the power on; it's important to be there as soon as possible.

Full installation

From planning to execution, we can help you through the entire process, contact us today for a hand with starting or finishing a project!

About Us

Nick Betti (owner & president) --- Nick oversees all operations at CCIP, including sales, installation & service. He graduated from Maine Maritime Academy with a degree in Marine and Mechanical Engineering, and worked offshore for 2 1/2 years working on tugboats and barges in the Gulf of Mexico. Although he spent his youth summering on the Cape, in 2017, he made it his permanent residence and purchased Cape Cod Independent Power. Nick and his family now call Barnstable their home.

Lester Wade (founder) --- Lester, a life-long Cape Codder, founded CCIP in 2005. He spent the last 40 years working with construction & engineering firms in the fields of mechanical, electrical, engineering & energy conservation. He also spent some of those years working for one of our local utility companies. He studied Physics at UMASS Amherst, is a licensed Master Gas Fitter in Massachusetts, and currently lives in Cotuit.

1X or 2X Visits Per Year

Maintenance includes one or two site visits per year, whether the unit is air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

  • Check oil level/top off (at mid year only)
  • Check coolant level (if applicable)
  • Check for firmware updates (if applicable)
  • Check fuel gas delivery system for leaks and proper pressure
  • Check and clean air inlets and outlets
  • Check battery electrolyte level and specific gravity
  • Check battery cables and posts; clean as necessary
  • Check the unit for loose wiring connections
  • Check for rodent and ant infestations
  • Test engine
  • Simulate power outage - run at full load (by request only)
  • Change engine oil (at annual only)
  • Change oil filter (at annual only)
  • Replace air filter
  • Change spark plug(s) (at annual only)
  • Clean the exterior enclosure (as necessary)

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Standby generators keep your power on during an outage. And they perform automatically. You're going to like that.
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Transfer Switches

Meet the brains behind your generator system. The ATS is always monitoring your power, making sure you never go without.
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Maintenance and Servicing

Regular maintenance from Cape Cod Independent Power Inc. ensures trouble-free operation - and helps protect your investment.
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Get up to date power outage information in your area! Select your local power company from the list below.

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Generator Upkeep FAQs

When you purchase your generator, you get a literature packet that contains the key. Insert the key into the lock and turn it 45° to unlock. Lift the hood.

Open the hood. Move the circuit breaker to the OFF position to stop powering the house. The circuit breaker is located below the black controller. Once switched OFF, let the generator run for 2‐5 minutes then press the blue OFF button located on the controller.

Be sure to check the oil every 8 hours and change the oil after every 100 hours of use. If this is not possible, at the very least, check the oil every 24 hours. It's very important that the oil is checked and changed correctly in a timely manner to avoid damaging your generator. It's important not to rely on the low oil pressure switch (which is very different from a low oil level switch) to shut the machine down. The damage will most likely already be done by the time this occurs.

Since variables such as engine hours, load, model, and other factors influence fuel consumption, there is no standard amount of oil being consumed. As long as you check the oil level and change the oil as instructed then your generator should be in good condition.

We recommend 5W30 Full Synthetic Oil. If that's not available, then you may also use conventional mineral base oil. If the engine has been serviced before and filled with conventional oil, then refill it with conventional. It's important not to mix synthetic and conventional oil. It can damage your engine.

The dipstick is located on the back of the engine and has a yellow ring or handle on the end of it.

After you turn off the generator, allow the engine to sit for 2 minutes to let the oil settle. To check the oil level, pull the dipstick from the back of the engine, wipe it with a clean rag and place it back into the dipstick tube. Pull the dipstick back out and examine the end of the dipstick. The end of the dipstick has crosshatching between an 'F' (full) and an 'L'(low). The oil level should fall between these two markings. If it is towards the low end, add oil.

To add oil, find the yellow cap (that's engraved with a picture of an oil can) on the front of the engine. Add a few ounces of oil then check the oil level again by inserting and removing the dipstick. Repeat these steps and continue adding oil until the level is at or near the 'F'. Do not overfill the engine. If the engine has been serviced before and filled with conventional oil, then refill it with conventional oil and NOT synthetic oil. It's important not to mix the two oils. Once oil is at a desirable level, start the generator by pressing the AUTO button. After the generator is started, flip the circuit breaker to the ON position and the generator should be supplying power to the house.

If it's safe to go outside, turn your generator OFF. If you can't get to your generator and it continues to run while submerged in water, there will most likely be internal damage. There is not much else you can do. Remember, water and electricity can be very dangerous and if the generator is submerged, you will have both conditions.

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If you’ve been thinking about a Kohler Standby Generator, you’ve been thinking about reliability. That’s why Cape Cod Independent Power chose to partner with Kohler. Cape Cod Independent Power is offering Contact Free Consultations. All you have to do is call/email the office, or use the form below to schedule a phone appointment.